Frequently Asked Questions

What is a temporary / disposable / anonymous mail?

Disposable e-mail is a temporary and completely anonymous email address that does not require any registration.

Why do you need a temporary email address?

To register on dubious sites without jeopardising your personal data. It is particularly useful for all situations in which your privacy is important.

How is it different from usual mail?
  • Does not require registration
  • It is completely anonymous: personal data, address itself and emails are deleted after you delete the account
  • Messages are delivered instantly
  • Email address is generated automatically. You do not have to select the available username manually;
  • The mailbox is protected from spam, hacking, exploits.
How do I send an email?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this feature.

How to extend the life time of temporary mail?

You don't need to extend anything, the mailbox is valid until you delete it.

Can I check the received emails?

Yes, they are displayed under the name of your mailbox.